queen of the north

Brita Kristina lives in the north of Sweden, close to the arctic circle. Here the inhabitants can enjoy the nordic light in the winters and in summer the sun never sets. During winter the sun is only up a few hours a day and that gives the ones residing there the perfect preconditions to stay inside and compose great music. But Brita Kristina is so much more than just a musician, songwriter, performer and producer. 

She’s an adventurer, a conqueror of male dominated domains and a creative force who generates raw elemental power just by being who she is. Are you ready to bend the knee for the Queen of the North?


The story begins when Brita Kristina starts taking private piano lessons at the age of seven. Instead of learning to play the regular sonatas and menuettes she wanted to be able to sing and play her own compositions. The wonderful teacher Elisabeth Holm was an important person in the early years as she encouraged Brita Kristina to sing and play her own songs. In her teens Brita Kristina started playing in a rock band with a group of older girls. They where feminists and in 1999 they started a music NGO called She's got the beat together with some other female musicians in their hometown Umeå. Soon they had a rehersal space of their own and even a festival where only female bands played. In 2003  Brita Kristina and Evelina Liliequist started the singer/songwriter duo Solitude & Company.  Some years later she also joined a band called The Koo-Koos where she played electric guitars. Later on The Koo-Koos became an electro pop trio and by recording and producing their songs by them self Brita Kristina learned how to make electronic music. And she loved it!

The solo project Brita Kristina was formed in 2010 alongside with playing with The Koo-Koos. The first album A New Game was recorded during a long time period in 2011 with the producer Pelle Henricsson from Tonteknik in Umeå. It was released in april 2012 and during that summer Brita Kristina had a number of gigs with her band. In may 2013 The Koo-Koos released the album Love and Pain and the main focus was with the band during that time. The years 2014-2015 nothing new came out from Brita Kristina or The Koo-Koos for personal reasons. In the end of summer 2015 Brita Kristina moved to a small town called Piteå in northern Sweden. Even if things been on hold regaarding releases from Brita Kristina she had been writing and recording many new songs. As she moved to Piteå and started a new life together with her partner Daniel who is a music producer they decided to collect all those new songs and make a record. In november 2016 the album Broke and Restless was released and it gained a lots of interest from music blogs and synth pop entusiasts,

Soon the next chapter begins with the release of the EP Queen of the North and the collaboration with British music company Shodement.